Coaching Accreditation

Softball Tasmania and your local Association would like to hear from anybody wanting to learn to coach or advance their level of coaching knowledge. You can contact us through Ev Seabourne, Development Officer,

Coach Accreditation Program

Softball Tasmania currently supports:

Combined Softball Community Coach (SCCP) and Level 1:

No previous softball experience required

Must complete Australian Sports Commission Community Coaching General Principles before attending your course and take Certificate and completed session planner to your course

Also, must have Working with Children Check (or VET Registration)

Level 2:

Must hold Level 1 Accreditation

Level 3:

Must hold Level 2 Accreditation


To renew your accreditation you will need to contact Ev Seabourne at to discuss the process. If your accreditation has expired she can discuss this process with you as well.


Green Shirt Program available - see below resource.


Files available for download