Skills & drills

FUNdamental Skills focuses on the correct mechanics and execution of fundamental softball skills and form part of our Level 1 Coach Accreditation program. These include catching a thrown ball, executing an overhand throw, fielding ground balls and fly balls, basic pitching, catching, hitting and base running technique. This resource concentrates on assisting coaches to correctly develop fundamentals softball skills in beginner level players.

See FUNdamental documents below.

Softball drills is a comprehensive resource with drills grouped into sections related to offense and defense. The guide covers a selection of drills that are used in the game of softball. Coaches are only limited by their own imagination.

Modified Games are designed to enhance the skills needed to play softball. The activities form part of the Softball Batter Up (SBU) program. The activities are based on the Game Sense approach which is a fun and engaging to add variety to your training sessions. The modified games can be adjusted to suit all age groups.